Strategic Insurance Solutions

We are Safe Harbor Insurance

We believe that offering affordable employee benefits is a key component to helping midsize employers achieve long-term success. 

Most insurance companies have limited options to combat rising health care costs, so we decided to step up and do something about it. We put together all the cost saving solutions that benefited our own businesses and created Safe Harbor Insurance. Our leadership team believes your business deserves benefits that are flexible, transparent, easy to understand, and affordable. We are excited to share with you our innovative solutions.

What is a Captive?

A captive is a privately held insurance company established primarily to insure the risks of its affiliates.

Provide Tax Benefits

Substantially Better

Controlled by the Owners

Judged on its Own Merit

Why Safe Harbor?

Address the rising cost in the health insurance markets

Reward good risk with lower rates

Stabilize Renewals

Provide dividends based on the captive’s performance

Safe Harbor Advantages

Coverage Tailored to Meet Your Needs
Reduced Operating Costs
Improved Cash Flow
Increased Coverage and Capacity
Potential Investment Income
Direct Access to Wholesale Insurance Markets
Funding and Underwriting Flexibility
Greater Control Over Claims

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